Monday, July 26, 2010

Baseball Hall of Fame Inductions

As I’m sitting on a park Bench on the Banks of a river snacking away on A Puckett full of chicken Fingers, corn on the Cobb, Rice with Lemon meringue pie and Reese’s Pieces for dessert and washed down with some lime Rickey and Grey Goose, I can’t help but think of the recent Baseball Hall of Fame inductions recently held in Cooperstown, New York. If I Mays, we Ott to turn the Paige and not get so Boggsed down in nostalgia. I don’t mean to be Ruthless but It gets me downright Dizzy to have to Combs through all of the memories that baseball has given us over a Spahn of several years. I’m Young at heart and, thus, I find this a little hard to Berra so it makes me want to Cy, get into my Ford that’s well-equipped with Doby speakers, crack open a beer and Killebrew. Some of you might want to tell me to go Carew myself but I’m a pretty big Feller who can dis-Mantle any ill feelings thrown my way and, in the end, I will out-Foxx you all!

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