Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Presidential/Vice-Presidental Story

President Obama was Biden his time when he was picked up in a new Lincoln Continental equipped with new Monroe shocks. Obama has to Garner enough courage and Marshall enough resources to address a group of Republicans, a Cheney of fools who would try to Pierce his arguments with Bush league comments. During the President's speech, the audience tried to Polk holes in his arguments but Obama is a Wheeler-dealer who is used to people giving him a Harding time with Taylor-made arguments that fail to make Hayes. During the speech, Obama was thinking, "I'm Hamlin a great time because I Fillmore like a King and I feel Gore and Gore at ease". After the speech, the President enjoyed a meal of Quayle and Burr-itos topped off by some Adams' Brand gum. The above story is Truman, please give me the Curtis-y of the doubt - Grant me that!

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