Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bayer invests in company developing 'Viagara for women'

Bayer Pharmaceuticals has annouced a $300 million investment in Endoceutics, a company working on a 'Viagara for women'. Bayer spokesperson Urethra Franklin, recently seen driving a brand new Vulva after having been discharged from her previous company, said, "We like the fact that Endoceutics has created a stimulating work environment that arouses employees' desires while treating them genitally. This is no nipple-and-dime operation - the company keeps abreast of scientific advances and stands erect in its determination to run the best scientific labia in the world". Bayer obviously likes Endoceutic's excellent customer-cervix culture and the fact that management keeps abreast of new trends in the marketplace. Endoceutic's VP, HR the anal-retentive Pell Vic Thrust, said, "Our work environment isn't only female-oriented - we have a big opening for inspired males who want to make a spermanent contribution to our welfare. The company's culture continuosly vibrates with excitement".

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