Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Google developing a driverless car

Google Inc. continues to develop a car that drives itself - requiring no person behind the wheel. However, Google investors are critical of this venture. One investor, Stella Hubb-Capp stated, "I don't want to sound like I'm blowing a gasket but Google management auto be strung up for taking us along for this ride. The Big Wheels at the company are blowing their own horns and losing their bearings over their financial priorities. Google Vice-President, Anne Droid, responded, We're not sitting idle over such comments. Investors continue to grille us over our investment priorities and we're beginning to tire over what these hose-bags are saying. We're gearing up for the long road ahead and we're putting the pedal to the metal to make this project happen. We've always come through in the clutch and we take a back seat to no one vis-a-vis making money for our investors." In terms of Hubb-Capp, Droid would like to fender off but the latter isn't likely to shift her priorities or put the brakes on her negative comments. This has fueled speculation that Google management is trying to bumper off.

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