Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why Won't The Montreal Canadiens Get Bigger?

I was at the Darché de l’Ouest on the west Island, eating at a Price-y restaurant where I was dining on fried Cammalleri, baby back Ribeiros and, for some dessert, homemade apple Pyatt. It was raining cats and Dawes and I was Muller-ing over the Canadiens being Shutt out of the playoffs once again with my friend, an auto Plekanec who was Pearn-ing mad about the Habs’ playoff woes. When I was young, the Habs really Groulx on me and I was very Keane on Nos Glorieux. That’s why it Burns me up that the Canadiens have become playoff door Mats – it’s a Travis-ty that makes me Moen in pain. Great Scott, I’m at a Lars for words because it seems so black and White to me that the Canadiens continue to Toe the line and a-Boyd going after guys with Max-imum size. I feel Souray that  management doesn’t get Lapointe that, in order to Gainey Moore points in the regular season, and to make sure they won’t be Lach-ed out of going further in the palyoffs, they have to get off their Duffs , Knuckles down and get bigger! Maybe The Team 990 can answer the Bell and start a Forum to ask Geoff Molson to put on a Jacques-strap and Saku the current management team – it would send one Houle of a message to us rabid Habs fans!

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