Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lady Gaga Nominated for Five Emmy Awards

Lady Gaga's HBO concert event, “Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour: at Madison Square Garden,” has received 5 Emmy Award nominations. When asked to comment, Lady Gaga, suffering from a high Fever, said, "Hello Hello. I'm So Happy I Could Die! It was Unfathomable to me that I received the nomination but I was Ready for this and there’s No Way that Words can express how Wonderful I feel. An Earthquake won’t keep me away from the Emmy Awards show because I’m One singer, albeit a Super Star and a Beautiful, Dirty, Rich one, who’s an Optimist who feels like I’m Ready to win.” At first, Lady Gaga admitted that she was Speechless when she heard the news but she was soon able to Scream Aloud when she received the Wonderful Telephone call. An Emmy win could mean a lot of Money Honey for the Glamour Zombie and party Animal. After the show, the Perfect Lady Gaga might have to Runaway from the Paparazzi who will be Out of Control in a publicity feeding frenzy. Lady Gaga finished by saying, “Oh Well, there’s Nothing Else I Can Say. I’m used to Living On The Radio but now I’ll be on TV where I will get some Justice for being the Greatest performer ever. If they Don’t Call My Name I’ll need Someone To Save Me as my Vanity will go Kaboom from all the bad Ink that those Monster critics will waste on me. I’ll need to be Sedated until I Hear Them no longer otherwise I’m likely to Blackout.” There’s No Way that the Pundamaniac can Imagine that Lady Gaga could lose – it would leave this Silly Boy a Chillin’ feeling - Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say).

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