Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fox Business Channel Attacks the Muppets

The Fox Business Channel has accused the Muppets of brainwashing children after having viewed the new Disney movie "The Muppets" - that apparently "plants the seeds of class warfare among children". Disney spokesperson, the Sweetum Don Pluto, staying at the Waldorf and speaking with a Froggy in his throat, responded by saying that, "Dog gonzo it, I wish Fox would let bygonzos be bygonzos. This is a fozzie situation that Fox is trying to exploit and I smell a Rat. The day that a child is brainwashed by a Muppets movie is the day that Piggys will fly. I think that the Fox person who is voicing this concern is a Grouch and a Monster who's been sniffing some Elmo's glue. This accusation is for the Big Birds and I will not kermit the Fox to guard our henhouse. I am not the media's puppet and I will say what's on my mind - no strings attached." After the interview, Pluto was in a Fraggle state of mind and had to Scooter off to be alone.

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