Saturday, December 3, 2011

Water Becoming a Scarce Commodity

A recent article in Fortune Magazine warns us that the world has "too many people, too little water" and that water could become the "gold of the 21st century". During a recent TV talk show that featured guests Billy Ocean, Joan Rivers and Ricki Lake listening to old Muddy Waters blues songs, critic Chloe Reen, who was fired up, said, "The Fortune writer is trying to pour oil on troubled waters. She's a little wet behind the ears and her writing style is too dry. She should drink in all the publicity because, as soon as people react to her fear-mongering, she'll be all washed up. She's currently riding a wave of popularity but the tide will soon turn."  An obviously irrigated Fortune editor George Sea. Fogg reacted by saying, "An apology from Reen is long over-dew as her head appears to be in the clouds. Every time she pipes up I get all steamed because people shower her with compliments for trying to rain on our parade. She has a lot of resentment on tap that is bottled up inside her, ready to be distilled on an unsuspecting public. Dam her for criticizing an article that refers to an urgent problem and that is the high water mark for the reporter who wrote it."

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