Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) is suing the International House of Prayer (also known as IHOP) for trademark dilution, claiming that the latter chose the name to leverage the IHOP restaurant chain’s fame. Restaurant chain IHOP Vice-President Flapjack Butterfield commented, “We’ll eat this religious IHOP group for breakfast. We won’t waffle in pressing ahead with our lawsuit because they’ve egged us on for too long and they’re stealing our bacon. They’re a bunch of crepes who are going straight from the fire into the frying pan. In the end we’ll prevail because we’re the batter of the two”. A cross International House of Prayer spokesperson Bee Leif responded, “These restaurant folks make me want to pewk and they don’t have a prayer. I give my solemn oath that we will defeat these sin-ical people who have no rite to sue us. We refuse to altar our plans because we have faith in our new legal team – who are facing their first baptism under fire.” The IHOP legal team has plenty of spirit but the IHOP restaurant team is the toast of the town that always comes through in a jam”.

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