Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Beatles Come to iTunes

Apple Vice-President Rawden Tootha Core announced that the Beatles' entire catalogue is coming to the digital music store iTunes. Core said, "Yesterday, Paul McCartney contacted me and told me that 'I've Got to Get You into My Life'. He said that it was about time that, "We Come Together and that I've Got a Feeling that The Two of Us will Help each other make money" (to the delight of the Taxman). In a private moment Core confessed that, "It's been a Long and Winding Road for me in my career and, With a Little Help From My Friends, It Won't be Long before I'm out of my Misery. My colleagues used to tell me that I'm a Loser and so I've had to Carry That Weight and be in Misery but, Do You Want to Know a Secret?, I remained strong in believing that All Things Must Pass. It's Because of my Dad that I was able to Let it Be and know that I was never The Fool on the Hill". Clearly, this Beatles' deal is Core's Ticket to Ride and that he and McCartney have started a Revolution in a Helter Skelter kind of way. McCartney added that, "It does Please Please Me that I've helped Core Get Back his mojo but my final words to him are 'Don't Let Me Down'." Hello, Goodbye to everyone.

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