Saturday, November 27, 2010

Indian Elephant Gets Root Canal for Toothache

Dentists in southern India have performed root canal on an elephant to rid him of a chronic toothache. Critic Carrie N. Cissor,a citizen of Pachy-stan of Chew-ish origin,who was looking a little long in the tooth, commented, "I will fight tooth and enamel to prevent such procedures from occurring on our elephant friends. These dentists sit in their ivory towers and think that they can continue to do molar and molar of these procedures without brushing up on the realities of operating on animals - well this doesn't resin-ate well with me". Indian dentist Hal E. Tosis, calling on a trunk line from Poachtree, Georgia after having received a plaque honoring him for his dental work with elephants, defended himself by saying, "My work caries a lot of weight within the dental profession and Dumbo critics like Cissor only gum up the works. Those of us who operate on elephants are well-drilled professionals who constantly brush up on our operating procedures - so tusk luck to anyone who tries to criticize our work." Tosis hung up and was off to see a double feature at the local movie theatre -Jaws and Pulp 

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