Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is Google Starting to Crack?

Industry insiders are saying that Google is showing cracks in its armour by over-diversifying into areas such as robotic cars, searchable health records and electricity production. Google Vice-President of Business Development, Anne Droid, who is rumored to be searching for a special someone, disagreed, saying, " This is News to me. I'm searching my brain for the right words but Google recognizes that our core is the search business and we're searching for the right person to lead it." But critics are picking up a Buzz in the marketplace that there's a new Wave of competition and so many believe that Google's market leadership isn't so Orkut and dried. Wall Street critic, the Googledy-eyed G-male Chris Chrome, commented, "Google management has to turn the Page, start to Brin with confidence again, re-Groupon and Maps out a new strategy. The Street View is that management is throwing money down the YouTubes and had better start to Facebook reality. The company is no longer the Apple of Wall Street's eyes." I believe that the company's founders, despite facing sales that are Microsoft, are no Yahoos and, in the end, will Bing home the bacon.

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