Saturday, February 19, 2011

Time Inc. CEO Forced Out

Speculation is rampant as to the reasons why Time Inc. CEO Joan Mast-Head was forced out of the company. Industry insider Maggie Zeen had this to say: "Joan was a party animal, seeking Entertainment Weekly with People with whom she spent a Fortune. The Essence of her departure was Real Simple - Joan was the Life of the party who spent lots of Money from dawn until Sunset - too much partying and spending lots of money are My Recipes for disaster". The time appears to be ripe for Time Inc. Vice-President Eddie Tor to take on the CEO role as he has time on his hands and he's been marking time for such an opportunity to arise. The fact that the sands of time are slipping away is a story as old as time and so Tor will likely become the new CEO just in the nick of time". Tor, sipping Minute Maid orange juice at a Days Inn Hotel (after having parked his Buick Century) as I interviewed him, feels that he's not in a week position but doesn't have a second to lose because he is in his golden years and is hour choice to become the new CEO. Time will tell.

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