Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hairy Penises Lost in Evolution

A research study co-led by the Stanford University School of Medicine suggests that, in human males, the hairy penis was lost in the evolutionary process. Prominent critic of the research, the hardened Mr. Beau Jobs, an accomplished organ player, commented, "This research sucks and is a big blow to evolutionary research. I hate to mouth off but these researchers are so cock-sure of themselves that they don't realize that they have hosed us. I absolutely hate when scientists dick around with the facts and give us the shaft. The Stanford researchers had their balls to the wall in this research project and they now have brass balls in trying to sell us findings that should be put in mothballs". Stanford scientist Harry Balles, a former seaman and up-and-comer at the university, reacted by saying, "I stand erect in support of this research, which is the climax of years of hard work. If Jobs feels stiffed then he should withdraw from making any comments." Clearly, the thrust of Jobs' argument has not penetrated Balles' thoughts concerning distinguishing between right and dong.   www.pundamania.com

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