Thursday, March 31, 2011

Frito-Lay Products Going All Natural

Frito-Lay, the world's largest manufacturer of snack foods, has announced that half of its snacks will be made from all natural ingredients. Some nutritionists are skeptical, including Miss Stacy Vickies from Cape Cod, who said, "Frito-Lay is trying to take a bigger bite of the market and bag some more sales but, when the chips are down and sales take a dip, management will give in and live off the trans-fat of the land". Frito-Lay President Chesters Spitz, a Cracker Jack of a man who is Wise beyond his years responded, "Miss Vickies is a real Utz who Ruffles our feathers all the time and is trying to rub salt into our wounds. She's an ex-employee who could never get the Lays of the land at our company and who is now trying to cashew in all this publicity. Her response is Classic and I cheddar to think what she'll say next. Well, I'd like to tell Miss Vickies that, in this battle, let the chips fall where they may and it ain't over until the trans-fat lady sings". Spitz, considered to be the salt of the earth and a man that lives in a high snack bracket, concedes that Frito-Lay is trying to play ketchup in the all natural market segment but feels that Frito Lay's new move is a Classic strategy that will pay off when the chips are down.

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