Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grammys Reduce Number of Categories

Organizers for the Grammys announced that they are reducing the number of categories from 109 to 78. Music industry observer Carrie Solo, suffering from a slipped disk, said, "I want to take note and go on record to say that this decision is music to my ears. I've been working the music beat for a long time and it's a good decision to scale down the number of categories. In the past, I've been quite vocal about this issue and so I feel instrumental in influencing the decision-makers to change their tune. In the past, I gave the Grammys managers a bad rap because I haven't been in a-chord with their policies but I've now taken note of the decision that they have just orchestrated". Not everyone agrees with the decision. Critic Al Bum, who just returned from being out of the country but looking all jazzed up in his new clothes, countered, "This decision doesn't represent the gospel truth - it's a response to a choir of fans who were singing the blues about the length of the Grammys show. This is a classical mistake made by a bunch of oldies who were caught between a hard rock and a hardplace". A composed Solo commented that, "I'd like to pop Bum good and polka one of his eyes out but this would only test his metal and would represent my swan song".

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