Sunday, April 17, 2011

Online Gambling Sites Indicted by US Attorney

Three Internet gambling companies have been accused by the US Attorney in Manhattan of committing crimes such as bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling. Representatives of the three companies, Cassie Noh, the black Jack King of Queens and Lou (Texas) Holdem, vehemently denied the charges. They issued the following statement: "The US Attorney is an Ace-hole and a high roller who wants a showdown with us because he'll think that we'll fold under the pressure. Well, I've got news for him - we're all studs - three of a kind who won't crack when the chips are down. He can up the ante on us all he wants but he won't stack up to us because we realize that there's a lot at stake". The US Attorney, Jack Pott, a poker-faced high roller with a blue chip list of clients, declared, "If the three of them think that I'm a wild card who's isn't serious about pursuing this indictment then let them call my bluff. My ace in the hole is that we are royal flush with cash and so are prepared for a long fight".  Pott, a cut-above the average public attorney who has recently survived a management shuffle, is holding his cards close to his vest with respect to his next move. Pott bid farewell to me and made it quite clear that this case is a big deal to him.

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