Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding Dilemma

My Lord, this isn't a Noble gesture on my part but you can Count on me to Duke it out with my wife on April 27 for control of the TV during the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. I vow not to watch the wedding so my wife might just crown me with the TV remote but, my home is my castle, and, by George, her actions will ring hollow with me. Right now I'm not an Abbey camper and I don't have any Earls of wisdom to offer and, for the time being, I might be down for the Viscount, but I am a well-groomed man who never Wales and is determined to watch what I want on my Philips TV. There is a to-Di-for King of Queens marathon on at the same time and I am determined to watch it - there's no Middleton ground in this matter.

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