Monday, April 11, 2011

Energy Crisis is Here

Energy economist Peter Tertzakian is warning that "we are approaching a "break point" where no major energy source is simultaneously cheap, secure and clean".  Three Department of Energy officials, the well-oiled Mohammed O. Peck, the radiant Cher Noble and the fuelish Olive Oyle, hosted a meeting of energy companies and reported that, "The nuclear industry, after the Fukushima situation, when informed of the mounting opposition to nuclear energy, had a meltdown. They believe that they have the nucleus of a strong team that, in the days ahead, will clear up much of the con-fusion concerning this explosive situation. The well-drilled oil industry officials were quite pumped at the start of the meeting but didn't seem to have a lot of energy in reserve towards the end. The natural gas industry has developed a new slogan - "We shale overcome". The wind energy representatives were blowing a lot of hot air and seemed to be going around in circles - this took a lot of wind out of their sails. The Solar energy people were hot under the collar and felt burnt when they weren't supported by the solar panel at the meeting - solar energy is clearly a hard cell. For peat's sake, fossil industry officials were given the coal shoulder and were on the rocks after their presentation seemed to bog down and so was perceived to be the pits". In general, the meeting was full of noise pollution and didn't generate any electricity among participants.

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