Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Disney Revamping its Stores

Disney has decided to pump lots of money into revamping its 365 retail outlets over the next five years. In light of recent trends towards online sales, reaction to this bricks-and-mortar investment varies. Comments are:

- "The Disney folks are Lightyears ahead in creating a Buzz about their stores".
- "This is a Goofy, Mickey Mouse move that is nothing but a Minnie-disaster".
- "The Beasts at Disney have finally answered the Belle when the Chips are down - what a Beauty-ful move".
- "I hate to burst their Bubbles, but these management Squirts at Disney will never increase their cash Flo
    with this move that does nothing but Crush the company's investors. I can't take it anyNemo".
- "When I first heard the news I hit the Flora but now I'm kind of Fauna of a bold move by these Sleeping   
    Beauties at Disney".
- "I was at Wendy's when I heard this news and I wish that investors would give The Lost Boys at Disney
    the Hook for Tinkering with this dumbo idea".
- "At first I was Grumpy but then I was Happy to see the Sleepy, Dopey and Bashful directors at Disney
    do something that will Dwarf anything that they've ever done before".


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