Tuesday, August 16, 2011

S&P Reacts Poorly To Google's Plan To Buy Motorola

Standard & Poor’s Equity Research analyst Helen Down-Grady is advising investors to sell Google’s stock because its plan to buy Motorola Mobility implies “greater risk to the company and stock". Down-Grady said, "There's a negative Buzz in the financial markets that Google hasn't sufficiently applied rigorous financial Analytics to this deal and thus I feel that investors will iGoogle with lots of skepticism. There's much negative Talk out there that, as Google Maps out its takeover strategy, it better not have its head in the clouds. Google management has woven a tangled web as it tries to search for ways to grow the company - this deal Ads up to a lot of trouble. As a result, I recommend that S&P downgrade Google's credit rating from AAA to Google+". Google spokesperson Anne Droid shot back that, "S&P is feeding the market a download of crap and that they will turn the Page once they see that investors will Brin with confidence. We didn't just Xoom into this deal with Motorola - that's not our modem of working. We will fight S&P with Bluetooth and nail over this - even if we have to use Brute force in doing so. While Down-Grady thinks that this move will Defy logic, she will see that we have plenty of Atrix up our sleeves."

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