Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sara Lee And Kraft Foods in Hotdog Dispute

Sara Lee Corp. is suing Kraft Foods Inc. over an alleged misleading advertising campaign for its Oscar Mayer Wieners. Sara Lee contends that Kraft is deceiving customers with the claim that its hotdogs are pure beef and that the company is also lying about taste-test results. Kraft official Lionel Beefeater, a Hebrew National from Israel, commented that, "To be quite frank, the Sara Lee claim simply doesn't cut the mustard. While their lawyers are taking their beef to court, the preliminary reaction from the judges has been very chilli. I'd like to get to the meat of this matter because I relish the opportunity to beat them as they will never ketchup to us in the marketplace." Sara Lee legal representative, Jacqueline Sauer-Kraut, from Michigan, countered, "That little wiener, Lionel Beefeater, is trying to hot dog it for the judges in this case. The fact is that the judges will peel the onion one layer at a time and find that the Kraft case is full of baloney. I'm red hot mad over this lawsuit and all steamed up over these false allegations." Insiders believe that the lawsuit could be worth tens of millions of dollars but many caution this is merely a ballpark estimate.

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