Friday, October 28, 2011

P&G Reports Drop in Net Income

Procter & Gamble Co., the world's largest consumer products company, reported a drop in net income due to higher raw material costs. Company President Dee Press-Marquette, a Charmin  woman from the Ivory Coast, commented that, "There's con-Fusion within our company about these results because we are used to Always experiencing a Gain instead of a decrease. We're used to seeing great news Cascade throughout our organization and so we Rejoice at being Head & Shoulders above our competitors. As the company's President, last year I was at the Crest of my popularity as I led P&G in a mad Dash to turn the Tide during the recessionary environment. It's our Natural Instincts and the Herbal Essences of who we are as a company to do Wella in trying times. Well, things are no longer Nice 'N Easy and we have to show our Braun and let the marketplace know who the Hugo Boss is. Going forward, our strategies will be to learn the new Olay of the land, operate at MACH 3 speed and efficiency and Safeguard our position in the marketplace. This approach will be the Secret to our renewed success."

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