Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Travolta New Ambassador for Bombardier Jets

Actor and pilot John Travolta has been hired by Bombardier Inc. to be a brand ambassador for its line of jets. According to Hollywood insider Marty Buzzov, this idea will never take off. Buzzov said that, "Either Travolta was able to Grease somebody's palms or he was sleeping with The General's Daughter - but, in either case, it's a Perfect deal for him. Look it, I don't want to Face Off against John because I'd be toeing The Thin Red Line, but these actors' endorsement deals are a Phenomenon that are the key to them financially Staying Alive. I bet that John will Bolt from this contract - resulting in a Civil Action from Bombardier." Travolta responded by saying that, "The Basic facts are that, before signing this deal, I spoke with my agents Carrie and Michael who advised me that these types of deals are a Lucky Numbers game and that Bombardier came through with the green and more green - Primary Colors that we like to see! These people are Two of a Kind who are The Experts who advised me to Be Cool and live Moment by Moment - so I took their advice and vow never to have a Blow Out with the Bombardier folks." Believe it or not, John left the interview with a Saturday Night Fever - after all, truth is stranger than Pulp Fiction.

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