Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heavy Metals Contaminate Many Cosmetics Products

A Canadian environmental group, Environmental Defence, claims that many toxic heavy metals are in makeup products. When asked why Health Canada doesn't ban these heavy metals from makeup brands, Environmental Defence spokesperson, Seth Fora, angrily claimed that "Health Canada officials have glossed over our research and have only paid lip service to the results. At first blush, we thought that they would take action but they have a toxic culture with cheeky managers who deserve forty lashes each for doing nothing. I don't like the makeup of these managers who don't apply themselves very well and seem to be concealing serious blemishes in the way that they operate." Health Canada spokeswoman, May Bleen, from Baton Rouge, responded, "These Environmental Defence people better brush up on their facts because there's cracks in their foundation. Health Canada managers are well-polished individuals who have made more than cosmetic changes to industry regulations. We give regular Cliniques in how we operate but Environmental Defence employees seem to Revlon in our misery - well, we intend to Estée the course. I wish they would all go take a powder."

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