Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Astronomers Discover Planet Made of Diamonds

An international research team published an article in Science journal claiming that they may have discovered a planet made of diamonds in the Milky Way. Ironically, the scientist's name is Pearl Hope-Diamond, a real diamond in the rough who's a cut above her colleagues. Scientist Ruby Topaz, speaking at the Constellation Hotel, had this to say about Hope-Diamond: "She has left no stone unturned in her research and has had an astronomical impact on our profession. She's a real gem who makes her point with lots of clarity and is always radiant and highly engaged in her work. She is a crystal clear communicator who would rather use a carat rather than a stick when dealing with her direct reports. It's true like she likes to drink the occasional De Beers but why shouldn't she? - Hope-Diamond is celebrating her Golden Jubilee anniversary this year." Topaz, eating a Mars bar in her vintage Ford Mercury, continued, "I would give the sun and the moon for Hope-Diamond because she has paved the Milky Way for others to unearth similar astronomic discoveries." Hope-Diamond is happily married to Uri A. Nos, a former pitcher for - you guessed it - the Arizona Diamondbacks.


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