Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fertility Experts Recommend Sperm Limits

Many fertility-treatment experts are calling on authorities to legally restrict the number of children who can be born from a single donor's semen. One critic, Inna Vivo, disagreed pubicly, stating that, "I can't conceive that these so-called experts are making a sperm-of-the-moment demand that tries to egg authorities on to make decisions that will have spermanent repercussions. They are trying to reproduce arguments that will only give birth to laws that are based on no hard evidence. This is fertile ground to have these scientists dismissed." Vivo received a standing ovulation for her speech. Biologist Phil O. Peon, nicknamed the 'Genital Giant' because of his soft-spoken nature when he worked as a seaman, responded, "Scientists must stand erect as they make ultra-sound arguments on this issue that try to penetrate the pubic conscience. I realize that fertility treatment is Vivo's baby and that she will never abort her efforts to criticize us. At first glans, Vivo sounds cock-sure of herself, but the reality is that she is trying to juggle too many balls at once in a field that is only in its embryonic stage." Peon, who once worked as a performer in the Ziegfeld Follicles, speaks with a passion that is a testicle to the man's internal fortitude.

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