Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Obama defends auto giants' bailout

Instead of steering us in the wrong direction, President Obama auto be telling it like it is with respect to the recent bailouts of GM and Chrysler. The President of Chrysler, Vinny Viper, should be told, "You're a Jeep son-of-a-bitch who is of a low Caliber who tried to Ram your pity story down our throats while taking the American public on a ride on this pathetic Journey". The President of General Motors, Bernat LaCrosse, who was on a trip from Malibu to Colorado during the spring Equinox, should be told, "I can't Hummer the point home enough that we all get bad Vibes from you because your senior managers are all a bunch of double-LaCrossers". However, the President of Ford, Mustang Shelby, who refused any bailout money, should be told, "Take your management team on a Fiesta for a well-earned Escape. Thank them for their Super Duty to the American public. They have Focus, an Edge over competition and they were able to Flex their muscles and refuse to grovel".

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