Saturday, August 7, 2010

Running Room and Weight Watchers Form Marketing Alliance

The Running Room and Weight Watchers International have recently formed a marketing alliance to promote a healthier lifestyle. Running Room Vice-President and Board member of Sprint USA, the run-of-the-mill Mada Dash, issued the following statement: “This was a marathon negotiation session and, in the end, we ran circles around the Weight Watchers people. When the talks began, we were off and running and we were able to set the pace. It was a race against time but, in the long run, we made some great strides”. Weight Watchers Vice-President, Legal Affairs, Belle E. O’Bese, said, “I’m glad that the negotiations are over – this is a big weight off my shoulders. Personally I found Dash hard to stomach but, nevertheless, I feel that we came out on top – we ate them for breakfast! They came to chew the fat but we swallowed our pride, got heavy-handed and devoured them.” Both women appeared to be plumped-up during the negotiations. Employees involved in the joint venture will be paid above scale.

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