Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pundamaniac Fails to Interview DiCaprio

Trying to interview Leonardo DiCaprio last week was an effort in futility. I was scheduled to interview him on The Beach at his home on Revolutionary Road on Shutter Island but this proved to be a Titanic failure. The Inception of this idea for the interview was to question DiCaprio about a Body Of Lies that has arisen about the Growing Pains he experienced during his childhood years (apparently, DiCaprio didn’t experience the best that Parenthood has to offer). While my interview request was made at The 11th Hour, Dicaprio never showed up. It’s easier to land an interview with The Gangs of New York to discuss their Basketball Diaries than it is to talk with the famous actor. DiCaprio was seen flying off the island. The Aviator seemed to look back at me and say, “Catch Me If You Can”. And so I waved goodbye to The Departed.

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