Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where Are All the Sports Role Models?

Simon and Garfunkel, in the classic song Mrs. Robinson, ask the now-famous question "Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you?" Is there no such thing any more as a sports hero? Tiger Woods used to fly like an eagle but has ended up in a hole (actually in many of them!). Tiger's hyperactive putter and flying balls have landed him in a trap and made him out to a bogey-man. What a putts! Lebron James used to be perceived as a cavalier gentleman but is now taking the heat for being such a basket case. His contract with Cleveland should have been a slam dunk but, in signing with Miami, his reputation has taken a hit in the court of public opinion. What dribble drabble! Alex Rodriguez used to be known as A-Rod; now he's known as A-Fraud. Rodriguez is now the prime candidate to be inducted into the Hall of Shame; certainly not the Hall of Fame. What a knuckler-head! And what's up with Brett Favre? Training camp begins and you think, 'so Favre, so good'. Then he takes a pass and retires. He fumbles his words as he talks to the press but seems to get a kick out of it all. What a sad sack! A Favre cry from the good old days.

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  1. For every A-Rod and Tiger, there is a Mario and Tony Gwynn. They just don't get the same press. They don't chase women or go to clubs so we don't hear about them. They just live like mensch's. It is our fault. We just have to be a little more selective.
    While on the subject, lay off the old man (Favre). What did he do? He earned the right to fool around during training camp. If ESPN loves it, it isn't Favre's fault :)